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My Story


My love of photography kicked off at the age of 15 when my Grandmother introduced me to world travel. Together we climbed to the top of Machu Picchu, visited Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Island. I brought loads of film and my trusty 35mm camera and snapped as many pictures as I could. Upon returning from our grand adventure I was showing my pictures to my uncle who made an off hand remark about my natural talent as a photographer, and just like that, a seed was planted. 

Later my superhero sister bought me my first real camera that went beyond the simple point and shoot. After a few classes in college with instructors who still inspire me, it all started to fall into place. Photography has been my happy place ever since; it is the one activity that helps me clear my mind, and feed my soul. I am now living in Ireland, a long way from my North Idaho roots.

So here I am, launching into a new adventure, chasing my love of travel and photography to create my very own life of giddy disbelief. I'd love for you to be a part of this, so enjoy your time on my site, soak up the peace, rekindle your sense of adventure, and feel free to buy a couple images!

The quick version: 

  • Mother to a 16 year old son

  • Irishdoodle dog mom

  • Animal lover

  • American living in Ireland

  • Persistent dream chaser

  • Stubborn inability to accept "no" for an answer

  • Believes we can manifest the life we want

Ultimately my goal is for this to help fund a much larger dream to one day open a foster facility where kids can have a safe and supportive environment to grow, find what inspires them, and learn how they can have the best impact on this world. I've always been passionate about children being our future and their need for support and guidance in that journey. 5% of every purchase on this site goes into an account specific to this purpose and I appreciate you taking a part! 

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